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Present to the Presence

In the face of increasing pressures we need The intensified Presence.

You know that deep in your core - but what do you DO about it?

Talking about The Presence is tantamount to taking a teacup to the ocean:

The scale is scandalous, but the taste is true.

Last night at The Deck, we walked through scriptures on four levels of the manifest Presence.

Some leave you undone, some leave you perplexed, but all leave a mark and make this demand: We can no longer live as we had.

It is, of course, Jehovah Sneaky that presents the What and How but this question remains ours alone:

Will we be present to The Presence at that time?

Put your hand on your heart right now: Is there a hunger for more? What do you crave?

Are you longing for The Presence or resigned to a petty and pedestrian peak of the One Who Is Beyond All Others?

Do we forget that the satisfied are those who 'hunger and thirst?'

Much of The Presence is presented Veiled: a tease of a breeze, a wisp, a hint, a breath and a scent.

But always, always, tastes like more.

Did we miss it?

If we engage the moment, we catch it.

Distracted by what should be or abstracting what could be and His calling card floats to the floor, unnoticed and unrecoverable.

(But He will try again.)

Too abstract?

(Yeah, well YOU try and take that cup of the ocean. Sheesh! The replay will give you better traction.)

For now, just get this:

1. The pressures around are not looking to abate.

2. We desperately need to be soaked and soaking in The Presence.

3. This is not ethereal - it is the tangible atmosphere of heaven drawn into your lungs and filling you with Life.

He wants you to want more and He awaits your reply.


Replay of The Flight Deck teaching, click here. Go to our YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost to see all The Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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