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A Clear and Present Danger: A Fight Worth the Cost

Of all people in the earth we are supposed to be those with a ravishing and remarkable, tangible and tantalizing, radical and in-the-face-of-all-that's-so-screwed-up kind of Hope.

That's Hope with a capital 'H.'

Not casual hope; not precious hope - a compelling ultimate Hope that is so clearly PRESENT that others can literally smell it on you like a dog can smell fear.

(Pause.....What....? Wow!)

The clear and present danger we face is the privation of that armed aroma in both church AND in most of us.

Our hope is broke, so...

This will be a fight.

Don't get glossy-eyed on me now. That's the issue.

It's a subtle and substantial veil - woven of confusion, clutter and the thrashing of a thousand lessor hopes deferred.

Lost to our experience is what the early believers carried and what carried them:

An infectious clarity of promised future that collides and commands the now moment.

Want more or simply confused? Invest the time - Watch the replay or read the book.

But do believe this: There's a massive paradigm shift that awaits you.

To let it grab you IS the first part of your fight.


PS: Prayer call this Sunday, 5 to 5:30. Dial in, dial it up. Make an impact. Details to follow.

Full replay of this Flight Deck teaching, click here.

All Things New by John Eldredge - Amazon link. (HIGHLY recommend as God has used this to trigger and guide me in this paradigm shift.)

Replay of first Deck teaching on Hope released last week, click here. Go to our YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost to see all The Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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