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Remnant: Stop complaining and start warring rightly

If you are reading this it is likely that God has set something in your heart to dig deeper, live purposely, and be in His movement forward.

Furthermore, you understand that you have an important role to play in what God wants to do in the earth.

That's not arrogant - it's humbling because you know how God takes the low and weak in spirit to break strongholds.

With Gideon's 300, God reveals a 7-fold process for warfare.

It's crazy, risky, improbable and profoundly relevant for this time.

Put yourself in the place of one of those 300 set around 135,000 enemy troops in the pitch black.

Look at the weapons, the order of things - see the strategy in the process.

Once again, a lot of revelation in one session but here are some partial points:

1. You've been set up and humbled to be engaged in the fight.

2. There's a position to stand that is required of you and it is a risky place to be.

3. You are like the shofar that was used - living breath sent through a dead shell: Your sound is a function of Whose Breath you host.

4. There's always a shattering before light is loosed - But too often we refuse.

5. It is only time to shout out once we're aligned in the first 4 steps above. Otherwise it's our 'stuff' and rarely God's.

6 and 7. If we stand our stations in the face of the chaos, God will honor our obedience and move against the enemy. always, the choice is yours. Complain and wring your hands or war.

But war rightly.

God has set this 7-fold strategy before us now so that, aligned and together, we may see His hand move.

Watch the replay as there is much more to this. See what He reveals in His word and respond.


Full replay, click here. Go to our YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost to see all The Deck replays and to subscribe for immediate updates on new videos.

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