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Have you taken an inventory?

Companies take inventory.

It's a way to benchmark what been sold and what's been bought.

It's a baseline from which they can discern their current status and so plan for what is next.

What about you? Have you taken an inventory from this past year?

Simple. Take pen and paper or computer.

What have you gained and what have you lost? Make a list. Be specific.

How did God meet you in each situation? Have you discerned His Presence and Voice in each?

Drill down deeper: What have you gained in your walk with Him? What have you lost?

Does this give you a sense of your current status?

Now take all of this and set it before the Lord. Wait. Patiently. Be still.

Let Him speak.

As He speaks, listen.

Lean in. Listen some more. Lean further.

Then be deliberate in your thanks to Him: How we finish this year propels us into the next.

Last night here at the Deck, God had His own agenda - so we followed Him: Specific tasks for us to be about - works of deliverance, words of testimony, moments of holy transactions between an Open Heaven and His people.

Sorry there is no replay; some things need stay in the room.

Meanwhile, you've got 3 days to take an inventory and go before the Lord to let Him speak.

If you think He doesn't have something to say to you, you're mistaken.

"My sheep hear My Voice..."


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