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Are perfectionism and drivenness killing you?

Funny how something we thought would serve us, ends up becoming our master. That we would make use of IT; but it made use of us and the cost...Yikes! Such is the case with 'performance spirits' and how they crush many a believer.

Intellectually, we know it is all 'by grace alone.' But pragmatically, that's really just salvation, right? I mean, what about all those whom we should please? Want to please? Need to please? And, hey, I'm not really driven: I just strive to do all things in excellence.

And so the lines blur, the motivations become confused and excellence is not really the goal. Perfectionism is and it arises as an insatiable idol, vicious and voracious and consumes thoughts, hearts, and lives. It is but one of the many spirits found under the Performance umbrella. These often appear as godly in motivation but are whitewashed tombs. They don't serve God but only to quiet and then feed legalistic fears that drive us away and not toward the Lord. Maybe you've sensed them? Some stomp around on the pit of your stomach while others will thunder on your chest like an elephant in cleats. Time for a wake-up call and eviction.

Last night our resident expert, Kim Johnson, pulled back the veil to reveal what lies beneath many of our behaviors to expose agreements we keep with these deceptions and lies. She then walked us through the process to evict and clean house. Don't worry if this is all new to you. When Kim speaks, you will find freedom in her wit and humor, her experience and candor and not a sniff or whiff of religiosity. (This is the kind of person you really want talking about this: No dramatics - just truth with confidence.) It's really not hairy or scary. It's freedom. It's your birthright, bought by the blood. It's about honoring God with your excellence by choice and NOT because you're trying to impress Him or anybody else. It is for freedom that Christ has set you free. STAY FREE! Stephen Full replay, click here.

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