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Your Fight on Two Fronts

"The war is fought on many fronts, all at the same time. You cannot face the war-without without understanding the war-within. You cannot face the war-within without attending to the war-without. They are connected in the advancement of My Kingdom."

The war-within ravages many as it traffics messages of isolation and condemnation. The lies are legion, lethal, and spring from this source, 'Did God really say...?'

The war-without works a list of lies to occupy and overwhelm - Thoughts of insignificance and anemic authority. 'This is not your fight,' is the message from the mire. With sighs of tacit resignation, swords are dropped as the battle blows by.

"Too often My Body attends only to one battle or the other. There is a preference for most and an ignorance of the second." Singular sight on the war-within binds us to a form of the gospel-therapeutic while the world is on fire around us. Myopic focus to the war-without undermines authentic authority and fosters footholds the enemy will leverage in time.

Yet above the crush and crash of these battles comes a vision of Jesus at your Well - That place of conversation and revelation singular to you and you alone. How goes that conversation? Is it lively, engaging, tangible and specific?

That's a radical, perhaps heretical question for some. For the story we live can feel like this: Adopted off the streets by a powerful and loving dad. (Great. Amazing!) There's a hug and a manual waiting at the door. (Okay....Good.) But then...silence. We have questions, oh, so many questions. But when we ask, he does not speak but points to the manual. (Ah...but wait....) Now, it is a wondrous thing, that manual - rich in story and the conversations of others with him - but not ours. Yet Jesus says, 'My sheep hear my voice.' Even now His voice skips across the wilderness of your day like a stone on water and says, 'Come to your Well.' Don't know what or where is your well? Watch the replay - see what He shows you and then join Him. But be alert: The enemy hammers minds with all the reasons this is not for you. But he's wrong....and he's terrified. For good reason. Stephen Full replay, click here.

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