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This month - LIFE WINS!...but you choose

In this, the first biblical month, God brings a clear focus to crossover: From bondage into freedom and from wandering into destiny. But make no mistake: When life, freedom, and destiny are involved, there is always a battle.

Soon all the church will celebrate that Jesus crossed over from life through death to Resurrection. But God also links two crossovers of Israel to illustrate ALL that is accomplished by Christ's work so we can align to receive those blessings. Any areas where you'd like to crossover out of some captivity into freedom? What about moving from wandering into the full promise of your destiny?

All crossings have barriers and battles, much like the birthing process. Pain and joy, stress and rest, challenges and stunning outcomes are all likely factors. What's He bringing forth out of you and yours?

God has planted Kingdom Seeds and it's time when they emerge. Some are visions, dreams, gifts, and callings - stirred over time But heads up: Soils vary and the thief is at work. Those Kingdom seeds have life but many fall prey and are snatched, crushed, or choked. Here's the doubled-danger: Too often we simply shrug, dismiss those errant seeds as irrational, impulsive, unplanned and unwanted. A kind of spiritual abortion has occurred.

Heavy duty, I know. But have we not grow a bit too cavalier with the holy implants, imprints and divine sparks the Spirit entrusts us to grow and thrive and multiply? There are even times when we are party to this tragedy in others. A word here or there can do it. Too often it comes by the hand of well-intended but misdirected leadership: Quenching the fire God was kindling.

We need not cringe over past mistakes. His Crossover carries this. Yet we need be champions of Life - His life rising up in us, in those we know and in the many we don't. Cross over this month. His LIFE WINS.... but we must choose. Stephen The replay will help you fill in the gaps: Click here.

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