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The anointing the world needs and YOU can bring

Boatload of buzz about AI: Artificial Intelligence. Some think it could help save it all: Some think it will destroy it. But standing in the gap for the world is not the purview of AI. But it is for IA: The Issachar Anointing. Know what that is? Maybe. Read on.

One part of the Issachar anointing is to see and discern the Times and seasons and to hold that in one hand. But known also as the Torah Tribe, they hold a passionate and intimate knowledge of the Word in the other hand. The anointing brings these together to derive actionable intel that provides the Traction to move.

Just as the 2nd biblical month functions as a 'hinge' month - Issachar as the 2nd tribe functions as a 'hinge pin.' A pin that stands in the gap to link the revelation of heaven with the time and affairs of earth for action. To connect the hunger of hearts with the Word when and where they need to meet.

Philip and the Ethiopian (Acts 8) illustrate how God sets the two sides of a hinge and then brings the 'pin' into play and the plan to roll. Side one: The official and his hunger for more. Side two: The Word he was reading. Two hinge parts but not connecting and the Ethiopian says so. Enter Philip, the human hinge pin - Slid in at the right place and time to form alignment, agreement and the action that follows. That is IA at work.

Of course, not all such IA assignments are clean and quick, simple and successful. Like a game of tug of war (where you are the rope) or a hinge pin that bears the weight of potential separation, you likewise may feel all but pulled asunder. But take heart. Strength will arise with the stress and the oil of the Spirit with any friction in the grind. For IA is frequently God's work of reconciliation so all the resources of Heaven are yours.

Clearly we're in a time when many people and situations are 'unhinged.' AI (artificial intelligence) just ain't gonna get it done: You moving in IA will. The anointing is available and the acquisition, simple:

"Here I am Lord; Send me." Ask for it. Expect. Receive. Listen. Discern. Stand in the gap. Watch what happens next. Stephen

Full replay of the Deck teaching, click here.

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