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We Don't Need Life Guards for this Wave...

We need surfing coaches. Can you sense where things are going in the bigger story of the culture and in time? Can you feel that there must be a major Wave of the Spirit coming? Are you ready?

Not simply ready to move in and with the Spirit yourself: Are you ready to help others to grasp what is going on? Are you equipped to guide them rightly past their biblical, theological, and emotional barriers and fears? Can you do this with a clear handle on both Grace AND Truth? This is not a matter of proof-texting: It's walking someone through the multitude of witnesses within the Word so that the Spirit Himself opens their eyes, mind and heart.

Abigail (Gail) has learned many a painful lesson through the 'school of hard knocks' as administered by the Holy Spirit. She's logged years of hitting all kinds of roadblocks.

Some sourced from others: Some from her own zeal without discernment.

Last night at The Deck, Gail pulled back the curtain to show us not only what scriptures she uses, but when and HOW to use them. The process is as important as the passages. There is compelling patience and confidence in Gail now that was decades in the learning. Don't have decades? Then gain from that wisdom and spare your face a dozen rounds with a bloody nose. Why? Because the Wave is coming.

Remember that we've been commanded to make disciples, teaching them to observe all things that Jesus commanded. Waiting on the Power of the Promise from the Father was one of those commands. God doesn't need beach-based life guards for this Wave. He wants surfing instructors who will quiet the fears, get in the water, and teach others to navigate the Power of the Wave that is coming. Stephen Replay of this Deck teaching, click here.

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