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Head's Up this month: 'Safe' Seduction and the Forming of an Idol

Critical month. We're moving in the momentum from God's direction these past 3 months but then we get here... So easy to critique and dismiss the 'stupidity' of Israel making a golden calf. What could they have been thinking?!?! But unless we understand all the dynamics and what really happened, we're vulnerable to the same mistake.

Last night was another 'sip from the fire hose' so just some of the touch points. In this month, be increasingly aware of how you are making yourself PRESENT and to what. Presence will determine the kind of pressure and the pressure will determine how you are formed or what you form in response.

God 'delayed' is perception driven and must be checked/rechecked so we stay aligned with Him in time. Our focus and our locus will always smoke us (yeah - I know it's corny) if we don't deal with our perception of delay.

The 'flight-to-safety' is more than a financial term: As God moves us into increased risk, it's easy to slide into what we knew and of how we think He should move and how we think we are to move with Him. 'Safe' is seductive and it forms an idol of comfort. Once formed it will demand more and more and it separates us from the forward move of God.

Tons more in the replay (with a whole lot of laughter - wild and funny group last night.) Be encouraged: This IS a month to continue forward and there is all the grace you need to do so. But... God sets the chronicle of the calf-crazy conundrum in the middle of this month for a reason. Watch and learn; apply and advance. Do not be ignorant of these dynamics nor of the vibrancy of His Word to speak into your situation right now. L'Chaim! To Life!

Stephen Full replay of Deck teaching, here.

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