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A Clear and Present Danger

There is a danger in this time and generation that is greater than you would think.

The strategy is more subtle and insidious than you might guess.

Deeply programmed into the culture, it has found its way into the church and often rules as a guiding principle, unspoken but powerful.

In the face of the stillness and the absence of leadership, in the fear of what was or wasn't, Israel demanded that something powerful be formed that would lead them.

That dynamic happens with us - now.

Granted, we're all far too spiritual to be duped by some obvious form of an idol: no golden calf, money, fame, etc.

Nah. Those usual suspects are easy to discern and manage.

But there is something else that arises and it is clearly an idol that leads us. The shift slides in and a new altar is erected: Worship always follows.

Elijah illustrates just how powerful and destructive this can be. Moses, too. For it strikes even those mightily aligned in God.

The replay from this Deck session is online so you can see this laid out in scripture and allow God to show you if you are at risk or already in deep danger.

All of us fall prey to this at times; some, a little; some, a lot. Those in the prophetic move of God carry an added risk factor.

The Lord has set this before us to clear up the contaminants so that we may carry the unique flavor of the Spirit into every place we are sent.

And that we will release the authentic war cry of God's own.

Creation groans as it waits in anticipation for the revelation of our glory.

But that cannot happen unless we deal with the burning issue on our altered altars.


Replay of the Deck teaching, click here.

Click here for YouTube video of Rak Chazak

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