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Close Doors. Open Freedom. Change Your 'DNA'

Wow! Amazing night at the Deck. Powerful worship. Packed Word. God keeps upping the game on us. Kim brought the word and you know what that means: Specific, engaging, humorous, scripturally-anchored and story-illustrated: Practical examples and applications aplenty.

Most of us have little to no clue as to the open doors that are operational within us. Why so? Eph. 4: 26-27 makes it clear that we can grant access to the enemy - and so often we don't even know that it is there.

Doors can be opened by many means: Unforgiveness, 'harmless' addiction, generational iniquity, Freemasonry Oaths, etc., etc., etc. The diversity of access points looks like a scene from Monsters, Inc when they sail into the room where all doors are kept. So many opportunities and so very few locks.

In this biblical month when Israel refused to trust God and confront their giants - this question remains for us: What are our giants (open doors) that we need confront (and close)?

And oh, BTW, the impact of not addressing open doors goes well beyond you. Science has shown us via physical DNA what Scripture has taught us about spiritual DNA since the book of Genesis: Unaddressed issues/traits carry right down the bloodline.

Granted, this replay is not short and the revelation is vast. But in a time when God wants His people ready for the battle, we need any open doors shut so that we can move in the full freedom He purchased. One of His deep desires for all of us is to be able to say, as Jesus did:

"Now is the hour of the prince of this world, but he has no access in me." (John 14:30) Stephen Full replay of this Deck teaching, here. Release from Freemasonry Prayer by Selwyn Stevens (free) click here. Flight Deck next week: First Fruits Celebration for the 6th biblical month of Elul. The King Is In the Field.

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