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This New Season Requires a New Mind-Skin

New wine requires a new wine skin. A new era requires a new MIND skin. Why did Jesus insist on new wine skins? In the natural process wine skins become fixed and brittle from holding the wine of its time. They are no long able to process the new. The old wine skins weren't bad - just no longer appropriate for what was next. What about your mind skin? Our familiarity with the pattern of what was can becomes a fixed and brittle mental structure so that we cannot process the new.

The word for 'repent' (in the Greek) means to change your thinking - to think with God. Romans 12 directs us that our minds be continually made new. And yet....How is that operational for us on a daily basis? Do we really KNOW the kind of mindsets/mind skin we carry?

It's a challenge. Our mind skin has a lot of 'white noise' going on - A state where it cycles back on itself and makes it hard to discern how it's processing what.

At The Deck last night we threw some light on the subject by looking at 3 mindsets and the challenge of a divided brain. Usually we have parts of all of these working in us.

Fear dominates and motivates a Barbarian mind skin.

Intellect and self-sufficiency center a Greek mind skin.

Relationship and trust are the center of the Hebraic mind skin. But it's a bit more involved than that.

Most people have a dominant hemisphere of their brain - a prevailing way that they process information, relationships and situations.

Nothing wrong with that.

Except that this can filter how we engage God, limit how we are willing to receive His revelation, and lock us into an old mind skin.

There's a deeper explanation on the replay. Might want to dial in and see what the Spirit highlights for you.

Here's the one thing I would ask: Do NOT assume that your current mind skin is fine for what God will do next. Remember: The old wine skin wasn't evil - it simply was not able to process the new. Ask Him to help you see any old mind skin that must change and be conscious to make the shift. Behold! He does a NEW THING. First in us so that it may be through us.

Stephen Full replay of Deck teaching, click here.

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