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Time to get your ROAR on

In one week from SUNDAY night (Sept 29) we'll cross into a new year, decade and prophetic era. There's much that you will want to do before then. In this new decade the Lord is bringing a sharpened focus on what proceeds from His mouth and how we use ours to align and decree.

It is utterly unnerving to fully comprehend the authority God has placed in the power of the tongue. A razor sharp sword, indeed, with two-edges: tear or build; for good or evil; time-aligned and obedient or a careening cattywampus cannon.

So why focus on this right now? When you see a speed limit sign ahead, you accelerate or decelerate to align with it, yes? (Okay....I do, anyway.) Now is the ramp up to cross over the boarder into the new season. Having 'nothing to declare,' might be your normal MO at a boarder crossing - but at this boarder in this time: YOU HAVE MUCH TO DECLARE.

What need YOU declare over your nation, your neighbors, your near-relations, and your impact upon them all? Are you satisfied with where things are? Is that aligned with His heart? What has God set within your mouth that burns within your soul and needs be loosed into the atmosphere?

Watch the replay - Look at the scriptures - Take your place in this transition. Time to get your ROAR on. Stephen Replay of this Deck teaching, here. PS: NO Flight Deck Thursday. Special New Year's Eve Deck on Sunday evening, Sept 29! Details to follow.

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