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Unmasking Jezebel: The Real Threat and Your Authority

Most of us have no real clue as to how pervasive, powerful and dangerous Jezebel is. I will not cover it here but the slides will highlight why YOU need to watch the replay.

People, families, churches and even nations have been taken out by this. Many were 'christian.' So Kim has laid out a clear and comprehensible description of how and why Jezebel works and why it really matters to you.

Because it is a witchcraft spirit, manipulation and control are involved. But be clear about its final objective and trained to recognize the tactics used to pull us in and under.

There is no need to be afraid but no excuse to be a fool. We must recognize the signs so we can deal with it, or, believe me, it will deal with us.

Long ago God delivered you from the delusion that the enemy was just a silly guy with a red suit and pitchfork. Yet many only see Jezebel as a seductive woman.

Do not miss its true identity and mistake how it works around you and through your family line.

Many believers are like Barney Fife - trying to live forever in a Mayberry - presuming that the 'uniform' equates to real authority in the face of evil. Dirty Harry had no Mayberry delusion; No dependence upon some kind of uniform to convince evil he had authority. Time to make that shift. Kim's years of hard fought and blood bought study, struggle and success are compressed into this teaching. Learn from her wisdom. Identify the threat. Move in right authority. Stephen Full replay, click here. PS: This is one of the longest sessions that we've recorded. Please do not let that hold you back. If need be - watch it in smaller sessions...but do, please, watch it.

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