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The Mountain Now In Our Backyard

Most of you are conversant with the 7 Mountains of Culture: The 7 primary 'molders' of society in a nation. Years ago that revelation / word / assignment was given by God to key Christian leaders with this charge: Mobilize the Body to help lead each mountain and thereby 'make disciples of all nations.'

Yet we've not done so well - particularly with one key mountain. To the contrary, the Arts and Entertainment mountain drops a daily deluge of stories, sounds and images that season the atmosphere and form a culture often devoid of authentic life and hope. It's persistent and pervasive - discipleship disguised. Scary? Frustrating? Overwhelming? There is hope... and now it has a local address.

Film producer Honnie Korngold was with us at the Deck last night. A woman caught up in a move of God to restore redemptive story and re-establish His glory on that mountain. She shared her usual journey into film production and the recent (and wholly unexpected) directive to establish a production center here in south Georgia. Honnie explained the void in current offerings and the challenges of the Hollywood structure. But that very void is an opportunity where the Spirit will meet people through stories that feed the soul. That's where she comes in.

Honnie has multiple projects slated to shoot here in Georgia this spring and summer. (Lord willing, the film based on Cathy Parker's book, Northern Lights, will be one of them!) Equally important, she has a mandate to raise up the next generation of film makers: To train and guide those with the passion and understanding of the power of redemptive story. Every one of the 7 mountains has unique terrain and rules one must understand to navigate it successfully. So this spring Honnie will also host the Story to Screen Conference at Triple Horse Studios in Covington and lay out a 'map' for this mountain. This is an strategic connection for us here at The Freedom Outpost: It aligns with critical junctures of our own mandate.

I would encourage you to watch the replay and align for specific intercession for this localized move of the Spirit on the A and E mountain. This is no longer some distant Hollywood or even Atlanta issue: This is in our back yard and the rightful territory of the King. Watch. Learn. Pray. Join the fight.

The Spirit is in this and we're with Him. Stephen Replay of this Flight Deck teaching, here.

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