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Raise The Standard!

How goes the war? You know, the battles that you're fighting? The battles you should be fighting? Do you have the strategies for this time so you can do your part to advance the Kingdom? God links two battles RIGHT NOW so that we align with His design for our parts in the fight.

In the battle with Amalek (Ex. 17), we see how critical it is that The Standard is raised and we stay focused upon it. Are you looking to The Standard that God has raised FOR THIS TIME? The Standard always represents God's Presence and Power and that will always be found in Jesus, His Word and His Spirit. BUT there are key differences in different seasons so that you will draw strength and faith from what He is showing us now. (Like the different Standard raised with the bronze serpent. Num. 21)

The other set of strategies are drawn from the taking of Jericho and they are linked to specific covenant promises that He has made to you. What is your Jericho? (A covenant promise surrounded by a wall.) Do you have the strategy to take it? Do you understand your responsibility to walk out His strategy? Josh did. How will you circle around it? How will you raise up worship and shift the atmosphere? Will you have patience and perseverance in order to pray it through rather than only pray for the fall of the wall?

Ponder Exodus 17. Watch the replay. Take notes. Let Him speak into your part in His Kingdom. Be done with the kind of 'death by a thousand paper cuts' warfare that the enemy has set against you.

Then meditate on Joshua 6 and expand your understanding from this teaching. Download God's strategy for YOU to take possession of what He promised you. This is a month to grasp these warfare strategies. We must become competent for the work set before us. GOD IS ON THE MOVE! Align with Him so you can fulfill your assignment. The Standard is raised! Focus, fight, and take your promised territory.

Stephen Replay of teaching via YouTube, here. PS: Helpful book I mentioned is The Circle Maker, by Mark Batterson

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