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Warning: Do NOT miss YOUR part in God's Battle Plan

Let's keep this short and simple. Obviously, we have all crossed into a new day. The battle plan you deployed in your wilderness ain't what's required in your Promised Land. And you are accountable for what's next. Israel had a part to play in taking the territory. But they did not combine the promise with faith and so they spent 38 more years until the next opportunity was opened. Joshua arose in obedience and took Jericho. No more delays. Your Jericho is before you. This word is practical, applicable, and not difficult to execute. But it does require that you fully show up for your assignment. After this word was released, one of our elders approached and said, 'I feel like this word is a warning. God is watching our response.' Watch, discern, take notes, and go before the Lord. Your assignments await you. As does He. Stephen Replay on YouTube, here. One page help sheet I referenced.

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