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The New Comes - Do You See It?

It was in this second month that God started the foundation of the 2nd temple. Unlike Solomon's, it was not begun in peace and prosperity, but in a virtual war zone. Some celebrated...some grieved. Hard for many to compare old grandeur of peaceful times to bare bones beginnings in a hostile habitat.

How are you responding to the new thing He's doing - even as He has shaken the world and the church down to their cores? Ready to embrace the new or pine for the old?

Many a new work will look 'diminished' but His words in Ezra 3 speak wonders. The Glory, Presence and Peace will be greater in the new than in the old. Isn't that really what you want?

And will you believe He'll do it, though you've yet to see it? How will it all work? What will it look like? How do we align for it? Maybe this: In this second month God commands Israel to stay with the movement of the Cloud.

Go where it goes, stop when it stops, roll out when it moves.

A challenge for us. We prefer a road map and a schedule - He gives us a turn-by-turn GPS and tells us that we'll get there 'when we get there.' Perhaps these new foundations compel that level of alignment: Mobile, flexible, adaptive and responsive. Fully receptive to host greater Glory.

More on the replay including specifics on this Kingdom work, streams loosed in the desert and the distribution/impartation of anointing. Never have we been in a time when hearing what, where and when He's moving is so imperative. These teachings should help by setting His word, in time, before you. Stephen Replay of this Deck teaching, here. (PS: Many thanks for the prayers. No interruptions on the live stream last night!)

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