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Your Assignment: Prophesy to The Breath!

Interesting things happen when you chase The Wild Goose. (Celts' name for Holy Spirit.) So, He started with Jesus when He breathed out and said, 'Receive the Holy Spirit.' Check.

Then to Pentecost when it began with the sound of a mighty wind.... Check. Makes sense in a era of פּ PEY - mouth/breath/blowing, etc. So far, so good. He then hung a hairpin turn into the valley of the dead and dry (Ezek 37.) What?!

He showed me current things dead with their scattered bones. Some were people, some institutions, some movements. (I thought, 'Yeah, probably better those are gone anyway.') But then this question came: 'Can these dry bones live?'

Seems much of the great 'noise' is from the bones of people, priorities and groups of believers and nonbelievers alike being reordered and realigned. So many have been broken and busted out of old alignments and set into new ones. New structures are arising.

And yet, the LIFE is not in them for the Breath has yet been loosed.

Then I heard Him say,

'Prophesy to the breath! Prophesy to the breath! Brace for it, for it arises even now in the places where I have pulled together the dry and the dead.'

I've been stunned and convicted by the scope of His heart in this: The hidden and abandoned, the small and isolated, the 'what-I-would-expect' and the 'what-on-earth-are-you-thinking?' all have a place.

'Write these things down and follow them. As My breath entered Adam, so I breathe afresh on those who are Mine. I am raising up an army that does not look as you would assume. My true remnant people are arising from places unexpected and unrehearsed. They know not why they arise – they are simply compelled so to do. But their hearts are Mine for there is nothing upon which they boast in receiving My heart for them. Allow Me to draw together those of this army.'

This Life-Breath process will not be a singular instance or accomplished in a day: But NOW it begins! Our assignment is as Ezekiel: Let God set us in the midst of the dry and the dead and then prophesy to the Breath as He directs. It's going to get very interesting. Stephen Replay of this Deck teaching only is on YouTube. Replay of worship, prophetic words, and teaching is on Facebook/TheFreedomOutpost

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