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A New Boldness Is Mandated

Wild times we're watching.

Can you possibly imagine what's playing out simultaneously in the heavenlies?

That is the perspective we must maintain.

In the midst of the chaos below, there is a divine order with which we align our attention and our emotions.

'Therefore, we will not fear...'

For the full work of Christ 'co-seated us with Him' and that vantage point must become our default orientation.

That said, we are delusional if we do not acknowledge the turn in our nation.

It's not about politics - it is about much, much more.

A new boldness is henceforth mandated for those who follow Jesus wholeheartedly.

The world has turned upside down.

But take notice that it was the impassioned followers of Jesus that were first accused of having done so. (Acts 17)

That reputation is less a look back as it is a look forward to the work that awaits us.

'Peace unto you... is a 20:21 verse (John) that bears us this year.

Our emotional anchor is forever and always in Jesus.

And that anchor will be tested as the storms seethe and swell.

But hold it shall.

And so, shall we.


Replay of this teaching is on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck is on Facebook.


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