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Break the Vicious Loop of Causality

There is, perhaps, nothing more critical for you to grasp right now than what Kim released last night at The Deck.

There is a dangerous, infectious, and hidden root structure that operates in most of us: It works to claw at our hearts and gnaw down our witness.

These deep roots are hard to see and they affect current situations because they are anchored to old and inadequately addressed hurts.

Those hurts were typically undeserved but our mismanagement of them, and our 'righteous judgment' of the perpetrator(s) generates a vicious loop of causality.

The result is a vicious cycle. Take, for instance, a time and wound when an important someone failed us, greatly. Years later we experience a long and repetitive series of events where others 'Always let me down!'

Most do not recognize how this 'loop' is operating - they're simply amazed at how many people are....'always late,' or 'never reliable,' or 'always stupid' or 'never reasonable,' etc., etc.

If you're struggling to see any connection to anything yet, don't worry - that's normal.

The enemy will do anything he can to keep these roots from being exposed because they are only affective if they remain hidden.

This last slide contains Kim's walk through list to identify these roots and get free. Print or save it so you and Holy Spirit can get after it.

We always want your greater freedom: To unveil the true glory of God that He has set within you.

Indeed, all of creation longs to see it. It is the unique glory that makes you a force to be reckoned with for good - for the Kingdom.

Watch the replay. Do the work. Break the loop.

Move in freedom. Release His Glory. Stun the world.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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