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Bring Your Hammer - Celebrate The Light

Last night began the feast of Hanukkah - an eight day celebration of increasing Light. And wow, do we need that.

Yet, if you don't grasp the roots of this celebration and what it took to get there, then you'll miss the key.

For lives were put on the line as they stood their ground against the increasing pressures of compromise and assimilation.

They brought the hammer. Heck, they were the hammer - and God worked miracles on their behalf.

Fast forward a couple hundred years and read the words of Jesus during this feast in John 10.

He brought the hammer against the pressure to make Him something He was not.

He made clear distinctions between light and dark, belonging and not, and His unique relationship to the Father.

Fast forward to here and now: We feel the increasing pressure to conform to a 'new normal.'

Therefore, the church must be explicitly clear what it is for with the same courage and clarity that is demonstrated in this feast time.

Light must increase, regardless how it is received.

Watch the replay.  See how the divides and power struggles in Israel were a lot like our own - right now.

Then celebrate and honor Him each evening. 

If you don't have Hanukkah lights, grab 9 candles and make it work. (Or watch the vid and see the one I made.)

Set aside the time and light it up. Night by night, the light will increase.

Then reflect on how we are to function like that.

You ARE salt. You ARE light. So bring your hammer.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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