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Don't Fear The Test - Finish Well

This 10th biblical month has important application to our now moment.

In scripture, 10 is linked repetitively to divine evaluation ('judgment,') and to the trajectory that follows.

We use 'assessment' or 'evaluation' because most think of judgment as negative.

Indeed, many 10's in the Word are more about favor and promotion than punishment and separation.

In the 10th month Esther is promoted to queen.

The 10-day test allows Daniel, et al. to excel. (They become 10 times more brilliant than all others.)

10 bridesmaids are tried by time: Half promote up and in.

10 servants tested: A faithful one gets 10 cities.

All 10 lepers healed: One gets more: Life eternal. On it goes.

10 becomes a turning point that establishes the trajectory for the future - good or bad, ending well or not.

The 10th tribe of Dan provides an upfront and personal perspective on that.

There are very strong prophetic words over this tribe and their iconic character, Samson.

The word given his parents is unambiguous: 'He will begin to deliver Israel.'

Indeed, he 'began to' and fulfilled that word. But, finish well?

Interesting to compare Samson and Stephen.

Both called, anointed, powerful men, who prevailed over many.

Both impact more people in death than they did while alive.

Yet one dies cursing the other, blessing.

In this 10th month, take time to consider ending well. No need to focus as far out as death, (Although that is ALWAYS a good thing.)

What about simply ending this calendar year well?

Take inventory before the Lord:

  • How's your 'oil' level for the long haul? (Bridesmaids)

  • Your attitude of gratitude and focus on the Healer more than the healing? (Lepers)

  • Your determination not to be co-opted by the current culture? (Daniel)

  • Your willingness to be moved into a strange situation? (Esther)

Evaluation always begins first with the household of faith. (1 Peter 4)

Do not fear it - ask for it.

We all need to hear the encouragement of His accolades and adjustments so that right trajectories are established for the year ahead.

Determine to finish well and so start with the confidence of the King.


(PS: No Flight Deck on Christmas Eve. Next Deck - New Year's Eve.)

Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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