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Find Joy on the Eve of Your Battle

Today is the biblical feast of Purim! (Esther 9.) Celebrate!

It's always good to have a celebration after a victory of the Lord.

But what about when you're on this side of the fight? When the battle is before, rather than behind you?

First, we must know, despite how it often feels or appears, that we are NOT ALONE.

Grasp not only with WHOM but HOW you are in Holy company.

Second, joy springs from confidence and for that you'll need to check your '20' - your position and perspective.

If before every battle, you can regain the true perspective of height and time, it will shift your world.

Third, it's high time to do an inventory and inspection of your weaponry.

Most believers have no real awareness how thoroughly God has armed them for the fight.

Joy rises when this truth hits - you have every tool required to win.

Building confidence in your arsenal has three parts:

Know what they are; how to use them, and; confidence that they DO work.

Fourth, you must have a full gut-grasp on the truth that you're already dead. Period. (Gal 2:20)

So much meat and nuance to these categories - Invest the time and catch the replay. Why?

The battles before us are many and fierce. Having joy on the eve is key to winning them.

Celebrate Purim and the truth that you are not alone, that THE Victory is certain, that the weapons you have are powerful, and that you are already dead.

STAY dangerous for good.


PS: Next Deck, Kim Johnson is teaching! Spread the word.

Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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