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Freedom THROUGH Your Narrows

Going through narrows? It's no surprise.

For Jesus, this was baseline fundamental as He commanded, ‘Enter through the narrow gate.’

Our entire walk with Him is premised on that - Not just for salvation but also for sanctification.

God reminds us of this annually when we enter the three-week period known as The Dire Straits.

Sounds ominous, but not for us. Nevertheless, it is when God takes us through the narrows to strip off what needs to go.

At Mt. Sinai, Israel thought God had abandoned them, so they crafted the Calf for comfort.

What’s your source of comfort?

At Kadesh Barnea, they thought that God would abandon them to the giants, so they feared and refused to advance.

What’s keeping you stuck?

Those two dynamics are what form the riverbanks of the Dire Straits in the biblical calendar.

They are what form the narrows God takes you through now.

The narrows are inevitable and indispensable - but if you will fight or flow with them is entirely up to you.

You see, we are people of God's vision. That vision looks ahead to where it all ends so we may laugh with God.

He's in a great mood for He knows that the end of the current narrow is a beautiful and broad place.

He laughs for He knows that the days of the enemy are coming to an end.

He smiles for He can see our complete freedom is coming, bit by bit.

Welcome to the narrows. Don't fight it - flow with it.

Remember: He's got you!


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

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