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Gold Calves: Divided Nation

In scripture, God time-stamps this month with the divide in the nation of Israel/Judah and how that division was intentionally maintained by manipulating religion.

Jeroboam set two golden calves in order to draw the people away from returning to the Lord and so sabotaged potential reunification of the nation.

It wasn't all that hard. He simply compromised the Truth to make it convenient.

He was a leader who devised and revised the national faith so it would align 'with his own heart.'

As a populist, he wasn't concerned that religion would be pure - only useful. (Guzik)

That kind of self-serving seduction of truth now moves through our culture like a virus. It is far more widespread than COVID and a thousand times more deadly.

Time to double check perceptions.

You carry dual-citizenship. As a citizen of this nation you 'seek the welfare of the city in which you dwell.' (Jer. 29:7)

But as a citizen of the eternal Kingdom you keep your hopes, prayers, trust and words aligned with The Truth - His Truth and His Person.

The early church got this and walked it, even though the greater culture thought they were loons and liabilities.

Yet their distinctions defied delineation by pure political categories and that is still true today.

The Word last night was immensely challenging: There is a 'gravitas' to it that I can feel but not fully comprehend.

God is driving a hulking ALERT! flag smack dab into the current national divide so that we respond accordingly.

Watch the replay. Read the texts. Pray. Allow the Spirit to drop depth charges into your soul.

Then stand, pray, praise, declare, and realign your heart with His Heart for this nation.

Then 'be on your guard, my dear children, against every false god!' (1 John 5)


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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