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Good News, Hard News, and a Change of Clothes

Okay. So first for the good news.

In a set of visions in Zechariah that are time-stamped to sundown tonight, God declares His intent to restore what was destroyed.

That it will be so vast that no one will be able to measure it.

That He will be a wall of fire around it and the glory in its midst.

These words were released over Jerusalem and so must be honored there first.

But as those who are grafted into all the promises, we see these also operating in the Kingdom now.

Lay hold and take to heart these passages for right now in the earth.

But then, of course, is the hard news.

For in Zech 3, Joshua, the high priest, stands before the Lord dressed in filthy rags - and the enemy is all over him.

Can you see the application to the institutional church right now? Attitudes, behaviors, compromises, passivity - getting blurred into the culture or co-opted in search of power?

The restoration process for Joshua had 5 parts: In filth accused; stripped bare; reclothed; authority restored, and; a promotion offered.

In this season of intense accusation and shifting identity, is the church willing to go through that process now?

The accusations against Joshua were not without merit: He WAS dressed in filthy rags.

But it is the Lord who deals with the accuser, strips the old, puts on the new, restores authority and then offers greater access.

Still, Joshua must submit to it and then comply with the 'if/then' part of the promotion.

Will the church? Will we?

This is likewise necessary if we are to fully engage the world rightly with authentic justice, vast mercy, and in genuine humility.

Watch the replay. Read all the scriptures yourself. Be a Berean. Seek Him.

Align with His timed declarations:

"There is NO LIMIT on Your Kingdom expansion!

"You are the wall of fire around what You are restoring!

"You are The Glory within it!"

Declare the good news; embrace the hard and allow Him to get us all into a new set of clothes.


Replay of this teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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