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Take Up the Heart of a Giant Killer

Who are the giants that God would have you face this season? You ready? Do you have the right heart?

Last night Penny Gibbs brought a powerful and passionate challenge to all of us: That in these extraordinary times there is an extraordinary grace to rise up and deal with the giants.

There is a boldness that comes with the glory available so we will rise up with a heart like David's.

But... We must be willing to leave the old baggage, deal with the insults, and run headlong into the fight.

She also brought a strong warning: 'If you play on Jezebel's field - if you play her game - you lose.'

There can be no compromise with the Truth of His Word, Who He Is, and your identity in Him.

Much more great revelation on the YouTube teaching replay and a whole lot of dynamic (and fun) ministry at the end of the Facebook replay.

Check 'em out - Let the Spirit challenge, encourage, impart, and then set you in motion to deal with your assigned giants.

Now is the season. He's given you the land where the giant is standing - but you must go and take it.


Replay of the teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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