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The Bride At The Crossroads - Two Voices Speak

This is a tale of two women and the voices and choices that followed.

One was untainted by anything 'worldly' - the other, street smart and hardened.

Both had their eyes opened.

Both represent us, as The Bride, standing at the crossroads.

Neither understood the supernatural nature of the speaker, nor the design behind the dialogue.

The first voice sought to seduce and separate - the Other, to court and connect.

Both succeeded.

To snare Eve, the enemy engaged her ignorance or unwillingness to hold onto the full revelation of God's Heart.

The church does the same, dissing the scandalous extravagance of the King and setting legalistic landmines to limit the freedom He presents.

Once that door has opened, the enemy can wrap a lie with truth and feed us the whole botulized burrito.

The other woman can also represent The Bride when hardened by survival, religion, and the day-to-day grind to draw from sources that take far more than they give.

She has grown cynical and suspicious of the relationship He tenders and in no mood to be pushed beyond her comfort zone and prejudice.

Of course, Jesus reads her mail (as He does ours,) so that her eyes are opened to see the King.

What follows is no crusade or program - She simply speaks of her EVERYONE.

No debate, no design, no carefully crafted campaign. Just the heartfelt enthusiasm of one enamored with her Lord.

And so consider this: Whose voice is your choice today?  

On one hand, can you discern the subtle seduction of the serpent? Is there an oh-so-softly-set doubt about God's heart - the veracity of His Word, the lavishness of His promise, or the purity of His passion?

And on the other, when His voice violates the regular routine at your well-worn well, will you hear Him or pretend you did not?

He seeks something beyond your comfort and may call out a dark door within.

It's always risky to reply but freedom awaits the intrusion and a fresh wind fills those who dare.

Two women, voices, and choices.

They be The Bride and we be them.

And these choices are before us now.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Full replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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