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Time for MORE Freedom!

It's TIME for MORE freedom. Why?

On His calendar you're about to move into and across Passover and all that is connected to it.

He is passionately committed to your freedom and, as He once told me, 'regardless what it costs you.'


You see, He paid the price so you could carry the weight and brilliance of His Glory, His Freedom, His Allure - His Holy Spirit.

And, frankly, there are still so many ways that you've limited His access to all of you.

It's all in there - just hidden behind areas of fear, shame, and self-imposed limitations that have nothing to do with His desire for you.

So it's time to roll away the reproach that you're carrying.

Why now? First of all - It was at this exact time, some 3 millennia ago, when He rolled away the reproach from Israel.

Joshua had just led them across the Jordan, but God wanted the crud off of them so they could fully lay hold of the promise.

That involved the deep and personal cut of circumcision.

So, go before Him and be still.

Ask Him to show you a specific reproach that is getting in the way. (Don't go after all of them, just yet. Start with one.)

Ask for the Kindest-Cut...the Worthy-Wounding. Don’t be surprised where He goes to work.

Remember - it IS for freedom that Christ has set you free.

There is another reason for all this and it is linked to the great commission.

In today's culture, intellectual arguments are not the way that God will bring in the harvest.

Rather, He wants a people who are so radically and radiantly free that others are pulled to them.

These may even seem somewhat 'intoxicated' because they are so authentic that they move with carefree abandonment any situation.

By His Spirit, all of this is present in you right now. You need not work to generated it.

You simply need to cooperate to have the barriers removed.


Replay of this teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook

Seder Walk Through teaching I referenced is found on YouTube.


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