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What to Do the Morning AFTER...

Sometimes we're excited to crossover into something new and love it when it happens. (Type 1.)

Sometimes we have NO desire to do so, but it happens anyway. (Type 2.)

As monumental as these changes may be, it is what you do 'the morning after' that makes all the difference.

Israel rightly partied hardy when Egypt was behind them and the Sea imploded on their enemies.

But in 'the morning after' God hemmed them in on a 3-day trek without water.

When to their joy, they did find water, it was bitter - undrinkable.

Hardship. Much anticipated relief. Disappointment... Spoiler alert: THIS IS A TEST!

How about us? After the excitement of a Type 1 Crossover, when the days become dry and we long for and see relief and that relief fails - how do we respond?

Fast forward some 1300 years to a 'Type 2' Crossover when the disciples were rocked and shocked by the death and burial of Jesus.

Their response to their 'morning after' was likewise critical.

Drop into the scene when The Risen Lord hitches a ride incognito with two on the Emmaus Autobahn.

Unknowingly they are bushwhacked by Dr. Jesus as he draws out their disappointment like a cunning clinician and then pivots to unscramble their brains and ignite hearts.

Whoosh! Pow! Pop! ...and He's outta there!

So also with us. Following the shock of that kind of Crossover, we frequently need the same kind of encounter...IF we are willing to be that honest and accessible to Him.

Regardless of what's happening to you personally, we are all, on a national level, in 'the morning after' a major Passover/Crossover.

How we respond to the leading of God in this time is crucial.

Catch the replay and let Dr. Jesus unscramble your brain and re-fire your heart.

No better treatment for the morning after.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the lead up and teaching on Facebook.


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