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Your New Beginning Requires an Old Ending

Everyone wants a 'fresh start.' A clean, fresh beginning so to move forward unimpaired.

Great news: This 8th biblical month we enter (Sunday sundown) is all about new beginnings.

Key figures and narratives linked to this month are Noah and the Flood and Gideon and the fighting remnant.

Yet here's the rub: If you want a new beginning you have to have an 'old' ending.

That simply means that the 'old' has to be cut off because it will stop you dead in your tracks.

In Noah's case, it was an entire population. In Gideon's, it was his father's idol altar at the center of life in the community.

Some new beginnings require radical, even violent breaks; some are more quiet and covert.

The flood triggered a forty day process necessary to work deep cleansing.

But the '8' were hidden and not allowed to emerge into the new for a year and ten days.

New beginnings time lines vary for individuals and nations.

There are times when a new identity proceeds the new beginning.

Gideon was alone, afraid, of the least and lowest and threshing wheat in some hideout hole. Yet God finds and calls him out as a mighty man of valor.

'What? Who? Me?'

As the freedom of the nation was at stake, his new beginning thrust him out of the comfort zone to spearhead the ragtag 300 opposite 132,000.

If that ratio of 1 to 450 feels like YOU in the midst of this crazy, remember who God says you are, 'O mighty remnant of the King.'

More on replay. But ponder this gripping 'coincidence.'

The 17th of the 8th month was the start of the flood. On our calendar, that falls on the evening of November 3 when the eyes of the world will turn to see the results of the election rolling out.


This IS a month of new beginnings and new beginnings engage process and people.

Align with Him in His timing and His will in the earth.

Let your old end so the new begins and stand as one of the 300.


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Deck evening on Facebook.


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