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90 second vid to rethink Christmas...

So at The Deck I wanted to be 'short, sweet and to the point. (There was food waiting, after all.) sweet doesn't work for me....

Short? Well, I guess that is relative. (I did actually kept it around 30 - GASP!)

So for those of you who have already stopped reading - just look at the nice pictures and/or....

Watch the 1 minute 30 second video (another record - gasp again!)

That will be easy to take in and easy to forward to your unsuspecting friends.

Then you can watch the half hour Deck when time allows. (Click here - Better than a half hour on the national news....ugh.)

​It WILL re calibrate you to celebrate Christmas.

And we ALL know how much YOU need that. can go out an buy a $300,000 watch. (Inside joke for those who were here or watch the replay.)

The point is that we get distracted and focus on the wrong things.

We start right but get diverted.

This, we hope, will re-align you about just WHO came into the earth and how things busted open.

Merry Christmas to you all.

You're a wild and crazy bunch and we're grateful that you choose to hang out with the likes of us.

Stay dangerous!


Minute 30 short vid, here.

Watch the Deck replay, here.

Like us and leave a comment, please at

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