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Arrest that Accusation and SHUT IT DOWN!

We face a crafty and stealthy foe: He sneaks through a small point of access to break the flow of what God has and wants for us.

That access is often hidden and, seemingly, insignificant.

But it's a leverage point, a beach head, that can really shut us down.

Last night we looked at a very potent point of negative contact and Kim took us through a process to get free from a spirit of Accusation.

​It's mean - it's subtle - and it's massively pervasive.

It's wrapped around most of us in multiple dimensions so we don't recognize it.

And It's absolutely deadly to relationships.

Watch the replay. (You can even blow by my masterful piece of prophetic insight (yeah, yeah, sure) and jump right to the place where Kim addresses accusation by clicking here.

Regardless - Pray through the repentance piece and then walk out the declaration: Get free of this Thing.

There IS more life. God is committed not only to your freedom but to the freedom of all the world that swirls around you.

You think you're just trying to survive the world - It needs you to lead it to life.

​God delights to work IN you so then He can work THROUGH you.

Receive freedom: Release freedom.

Watch and wonder as His Kingdom expands.


Full replay, click here.

Click here for YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for the full list of Deck replays

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