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Don't stop now! Complete the process and step through the veil

Today (Sunday) at sundown we move into God's seventh month - a month of completion - the culmination of a year long process that He's been moving us through.

It's also a month linked to new starts and doubled blessings so take heart and courage.

God calls the first day of this 'Trumpets.' Think of hearing a loud siren behind you as you drive. Your focus suddenly shifts off your own agenda and onto Another's. You shift your speed, location, direction and timing to recognize this Authority. It jolts you to become aware.

So with Trumpets: It's a kick off and set up to these final stages of moving in closer and closer.

Listen for that sound and let it 'catch' your focus.

It's followed by 10 days to ponder and then one day to bring it all back afresh under The Blood.

There are then 4 days to prep for a week long party! A time to celebrate His glory at the center of our continuing journey​.

Pretty full month, yes?

But bottom line right now is this: There's an invite awaiting your response - it's loosed as the trumpet sounds - the siren blares.

Accept or decline: Blow it off or engage it.

Just do yourself a favor - don't pretend it's not there.

It is, after all, the Lord that stands - invite in hand - watching and waiting for a response.

BTW - You must come just as you are - really are.

The invite is to enter a dangerous place - a place where the 'real and raw you' engages the fiercely fired focus of His Presence.

Few actually want it. (Though they may say otherwise.)

Even fewer risk it.

Most prefer to remain an 'acquaintance' than to go that deep: Easier to stay in the 'outer courtyard' than dare to broach the Holy of Holies.

Yet, there He stands, waiting, invite in hand.

"I've made a way. Come."

There is a cost to enter: Our carefully crafted delusions and postering won't survive the pass-through point.

Yes, there's risk to go but a greater danger if we don't.

It's life that's at stake.

Time to say yes. Time to mean it.

If this doesn't make sense or if you need more, please click and watch the replay.

There were some tech issues but God still connected the dots (and restored the replay) for those whose hearts are after His.

Risk the passage - get through the veil. Gather your courage and go.

You'll lose some comfort but regain your soul.


PS: Remember - No Deck next week during the Days of Awe. Use the time to be still in expectation. Let Him meet you.

Full replay from the Deck, click here.

YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost has all the Deck replays.

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