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Oh, grow up! Time to adjust our vision or miss Reality

Only by God do we discern the dysfunctional dynamics salting and assaulting the atmosphere around us.

Retain the 'old lenses' of how things would be or should be and we'll mis-take reality for Reality and lack the alignment and clarity we need to act in this time.

In other words, we'll be shocked when we should 'shalomed.'

(Yeah...made up that word but the truth stands: Jesus was 'shalomed' - in wholeness and unshaken - even while taking a whip to the temple or a whip on his temple.)

​​This IS a year of the 'ruling sword.'

But we need God's take on that or we'll misunderstand and mishandle our response.

Absent that, many will recoil in fear and flee, or run to rage then resignation.

You feel it, yes? A sword over the land, relationships, emotions and situations?

But there's a choice before us: Submit under it or find God's strategy to grab hold for good.

David shows us how to manage the sword. (1 Sam 17) Large and Loud was the Fear Factor that left leadership limp and apoplectic until new sight arrived and a new question arose.

That 'Davidic Question' was really more of a statement than a question:

"Just who in the hell does he think he is?!?!?!"

(My translation - but Goliath moved 'in hell's dynamic' so it's right.)​

And David ran forward INTO the fray.

He brought to bear what he could do with battlefield provision to fight for the honor of God.

The simple stone became heavy with glory when it was loosed.

What remained was to snag the sword and severe the head.

That sword was going to be deployed that day: It was simply a question by whom and against what.

There's much, much more to what we need discern about this year including how God is summing up the past 6 years, how Mercy must reign and Covenant is refreshed.

Let God change your lenses and shift your vision. Watch the replay - Dig into The Word - Get the Davidic perspective.

Hope to see you this WEDNESDAY night for a special gathering of The Flight Deck.**


** Wednesday, Oct. 19 at 7 PM. Special guest from New Zealand, Dr. Selwyn Stevens.

Author of 27 books and world authority on breaking generational curses from false belief systems.

Funny, candid, engaging and highly anointed. You won't want to miss this.

Full replay of The Deck, click here.

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