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Where's the Life?

Last night at The Deck, we looked at the LIFE that flows through the Word of God to lead us to God Himself.


Yesterday was a day recognized in Israel and around the world as 'Rejoice in the Torah.' (Torah simply means 'teaching/instruction.')

It's festive - it's energizing and it's not remotely what you would consider 'religious.'

It also infectious...the kind of party you would want to join.

It brings up this question...

What in the world happened to the passion of God's revelation gift to us?

What happened to the kind of gatherings we have?

Where's the LIFE?

We must face the fact that there is often more perceived life and actual worship found in a football game than when and where we gather.

Is God really THAT serious and somber? Where and when are YOU more present and alive?

Where's the life that was so compelling in Jesus that people literally ripped the roofs off of houses to get to Him?

The Word IS indeed living and active - But is that apparent to those who know us?

Study is good but even it can be dangerous unless it draws us to Him so that it is LIFE that flows and not the letter that kills.

The world is literally dying for Life.

Heck, WE frequently feel starved for more of it.

Last week I heard that hunger in a song called 'Pray' on Saturday Night Live, of all places.

It's a cry of the heart that is trying to get to God, despite the barriers: It's a cry for connection to Life.

Don't take offense at what he has to bypass or his own brokenness - hear the sound of longing.

Can we, WILL we, connect the vibrant, pulsing, pursuing life of God to a crushed and fearful world?

Will we acknowledge and deal with the scorched earth that our "religion" has fostered?

Can we release the LIFE in us we've been entrusted to carry?

The world is dying to see it.


Deck replay, click here.

The video/song PRAY, click here. Go to the YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost for all Deck replays and to subscribe to updates/new videos as they are available.

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