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A time to go deep to meet the All-Powerful King

God sets the fall feasts at the beginning of a new prophetic year and anchors them around the Day of Atonement.

It's a call to leave behind any posturing and presumption and to move deeper into Him.

A summons to enter into the risk zone behind the Veil and into the Holy of Holies.

The scene set in Lev. 16 is a clear reminder that our God is both Intimate and Intense, Tender and Titanic.

He requires the shedding of established religious personas and status to enter with a level of ruthless trust.

There is a cultural gospel message that brings people to an altitude at the altar but not into the markings of the Marriage.

That is never His intent.

The timing of these biblical appointments renews the remembrance that we are indeed 'marked' people - set aside to be His, forever.

But we are meant to be His intimate allies - to draw near.

​For draw near, draws fear.

Not unreasonable.

There is always risk and reward in Divine Intimacy and why many avoid it at all costs.

Yet there is a glory in this venture that we need. A glory to walk out all that He has set into this year.

The Bride is meant to ascend. To move beyond the seduction of safety.

When calls the glory, will we answer?

Do not let the summons go unanswered.


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