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Release and Rename - The New Is Birthed; The Name Changed

We've crossed into a new month on God's calendar in scripture - the 9th month linked to the tribe of Benjamin.

Benjamin's legacy is a fierce set of leaders who manifest the prophetic words released by Jacob and Moses - a wolf AND a safe shelter.

This year we are pressed to look at the transition time of Ben's birth: A life, a curse, a death, and a renaming so that the curse was broken and an identity restored.

Rachel, his mother, was indeed ravenously beautiful, appointed by God and....well...a real piece of work, just like most of us.

Dynamics in her generational line had to be broken off so that Ben's tribe could become the deliverers God had ordained.

So what?!?!?

Watch this month for the labor pains in the delivery of what God is bringing forth.

Do not be surprised if what had formed the new work has to die in the transition.

(Even if you loved it much and labored hard after it for years.)

Be mindful of what you call something - particularly any painful transition or loss and be ready and willing to change that name.

Allow the Lord to speak over you and into you about YOUR new name.

All names count but new names establish trajectory.

Remember this pattern we see with Benjamin and with Jesus: Out of sorrow comes authority.

So also, that dynamic can work in us.

PROVIDED, we release the old (even if it was much loved,) let it rest in peace, and continue forward into the promise.

Much, much more on the replay.


Full replay of this Deck teaching, here. Go to our YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost to see all The Deck replays and to subscribe for immediate updates on new videos.1

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