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This bridge ain't just for crossing

We're on a bridge of time that transitions us into 2019.

This bridge has a name and a purpose because it's not just a means to get us from here to there.

It facilitates God's agenda in this, His 10th biblical month, and is packed with process, checkpoints, and prep for what's ahead.

Ten in scripture is one of those good news/bad news numbers: Typically employed when God makes an assessment (judges) and reward or recompense follows.

Here are some checkpoints connected in scripture with 10:

  • Your 'gut-gratitude' level (10 lepers.)

  • Your 'oil' level and prep (10 bridesmaids.)

  • Your stewardship and return on His investment (10 servants.)

Here's another checkpoint: It was in the 10th month when Esther was assessed and promoted to queen.

Receive God's gift of encouragement and vindication for your patience and perseverance.

The danger we see in this month is when we arrange our own vindication.

The 10th tribe in the divine reorder is Dan (which means 'judge,') so we observe Rachel's behavior in bringing him into the world and it highlights something we've all battled: The Rachel Syndrome.

When we don't like what's going on we can take matters into our hands and, by force or manipulation, get what we want. And then, when it works, we may feel that God has justified our behavior.

Done this? (Who hasn't?) Time to get it off your back and before Him.

Samson is THE famous Danite so in this month watch for the Samson Self-Sabotage Scenario.

When great anointing (gifting) is not backed by character (fruit) there will come an implosion that takes out a five-block radius.

When you see this explosion (and you will,) pray God's mercy for all effected.

Much more on the replay but also attend to this:

The prophetic over Dan points to a warfare strategy shift that we should not ignore in this time: An understanding that not all battles are enjoined head-on and full-throttle.

Like it or not, a kind of cunning with purity is commended by Jesus (Mt 10) and it's time the Body understands how to move in it. (Go to min. 21 +/- in the replay for more on this.)

You're on this bridge of transition: Make full use of God's process on it so you arrive on the other side prepared for what's next.


Full replay link here. Go to our YouTube Channel for The Freedom Outpost to see all The Deck replays and to subscribe for immediate updates on new videos

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