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Harness the Power of Chaos

Carpe Diem is a call to harness the fulness of each and every day. It's actually a biblical concept captured in a Latin phrase.

Carpe Chaos is the call this month to harness the power of the crazy that is found in transitions.

In this 11th biblical month, God reminds us of key chaotic transitions. (11 disciples post-Judas betrayal; Joseph post-betrayal by the 11.)

We'd all agree that chaos is becoming more of a norm than exception, so how do you cope? You don't.

You harness the power of the crazy to propel you forward.

Last night at the Deck we covered the two critical components that function like a kayaker's paddle: Hope and Gratitude.

The Hope we're talking about is not casual, nor precious, but Ultimate.*

This component must be as real and present to you as your hand in front of your face.

Gratitude is the other component and like Hope it is NOT some elusive, ethereal thought: It is focused and disciplined attention that shifts your perspective of everything. **

Hope and Gratitude are distinct from each other for they have different time perspectives. But connected together, they feed off each other and are a powerful tool to navigate the chaos.

Years ago I read Tom Peter's business book, Thriving on Chaos. I was clueless just how prophetic it was.

The primary point was clear: Change would become so rapid that one could not simply adjust to it and survive: One had to learn how to harness and thrive on it.

God's 11th month brings this into sharp focus. For all the crazy that the 11 disciples went through - God was there.

For all the chaos that Joseph experienced by the hand of the 11 - God was there.

He used the chaos to accelerate them into what was next.

Learn to harness the power of the current crazy: Carpe chaos by Hope and Gratitude.

It's a wild and wonderful ride!


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Full replay of this Flight Deck on Facebook.

* See All Things New book via Amazon.

** Little Book of Gratitude I reference is available via Amazon.


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