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WHEN God Does His Next New Thing - Will You Receive It?

It's a common and dangerous assumption to view the parable of the Sower and the Soils as a one-and-done word about salvation.

That is, of course, included within the Kingdom Word, but there is much more and it applies to each of us right now.

For He is doing a new thing and is lavish (and almost cavalier and reckless,) as He flings His Seed-Word over each of us.

But how will we respond?

He knows full well the four soils within us:

  • The areas that are hard and resistant.

  • Those that are responsive but shallow and short-lived.

  • Others that are receptive but contaminated with weed seeds

  • Areas where His Next Word will root in a hungry and hospitable place to flourish.

Are you aware of these in you and how they affect your response to the next Word He is releasing?

This is a time to drop into your soils to fully understand how they have formed and the dangers they pose.

For instance - Are you aware of parts of you that have 'hardened?'

Those may well have happened for a good reason.

But what was good reason is no longer justification to resist Him when He throws His Seed knowingly upon that hardened path.

Our part is to identify where hardness has set and 'break up the fallow ground.' (Hosea 10 and Jer. 4.)

Bunch more on the replay, including the challenges of short-term-happy/shallow-soil and how root bound sections must be broken open.

But as you set about this work, hold these facts before you:

1. You have received a good and noble heart that consists of that 4th, rich soil. (Luke 8:15)

2. The Seed IS powerful and contains what it needs to explode deep within and bear amazing fruit.

With that in mind, seek out, soak, and redress those other 3 soils.

His Next New Thing will flourish in you!


Replay of this Deck teaching on YouTube.

Replay of the entire Flight Deck on Facebook.


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