Time to get your ROAR on

In one week from SUNDAY night (Sept 29) we'll cross into a new year, decade and prophetic era. There's much that you will want to do before then. In this new decade the Lord is bringing a sharpened focus on what proceeds from His mouth and how we use ours to align and decree. It is utterly unnerving to fully comprehend the authority God has placed in the power of the tongue. A razor sharp sword, indeed, with two-edges: tear or build; for good or evil; time-aligned and obedient or a careening cattywampus cannon. So why focus on this right now? When you see a speed limit sign ahead, you accelerate or decelerate to align with it, yes? (Okay....I do, anyway.) Now is the ramp up t

This New Season Requires a New Mind-Skin

New wine requires a new wine skin. A new era requires a new MIND skin. Why did Jesus insist on new wine skins? In the natural process wine skins become fixed and brittle from holding the wine of its time. They are no long able to process the new. The old wine skins weren't bad - just no longer appropriate for what was next. What about your mind skin? Our familiarity with the pattern of what was can becomes a fixed and brittle mental structure so that we cannot process the new. The word for 'repent' (in the Greek) means to change your thinking - to think with God. Romans 12 directs us that our minds be continually made new. And yet....How is that operational for us on a daily

Brace yourself - God IS speaking

We're in the thick of the shift into a new season - there are always challenges in the change. Bobby Conner has said, "We are far too familiar with a God we don't even know." He's right. We are entering a season when the declared Word of God will be key. But here's where familiarity can be a problem: We'll need move from a Greek mind-skin to a biblical one - From Western-analytical to Hebraic-immersive. In Greek mind-skins, words are abstractions - In biblical Hebraic, they bear weight, heft, authority, and the staying power of the Life in them. Don't worry about grasping it all right now. You can get there and it won't require surgery. Well...not physically. Exercise: Sh

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