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Brace yourself - God IS speaking

We're in the thick of the shift into a new season - there are always challenges in the change. Bobby Conner has said, "We are far too familiar with a God we don't even know." He's right.

We are entering a season when the declared Word of God will be key. But here's where familiarity can be a problem: We'll need move from a Greek mind-skin to a biblical one - From Western-analytical to Hebraic-immersive. In Greek mind-skins, words are abstractions - In biblical Hebraic, they bear weight, heft, authority, and the staying power of the Life in them. Don't worry about grasping it all right now. You can get there and it won't require surgery. Well...not physically.

Exercise: Shift your mental focus from words to voice: How powerful is the Voice of the Lord? What is its sound, frequency, pitch, and vibe? What proceeds as it is loosed? How are things created, shifted, assembled or scattered? And how does that alter the angle of impact of the words? There is power to strip forests, melt earth, and set stars in place. Gulp. Are you willing to listen for it? Moses was.

God agreed to reveal His glory by passing over him and declaring His Goodness. The words God loosed were more than concepts. By His Voice, Glory was imparted through proclamation. No wonder Moe's face shone. Transformation does that. As with Moses, it will freak out the uninitiated but validate that there is far more at work than the power of 'mere' words.

Let the Sound of His Voice begin to stir within you. Hear the call to align with it's power and find a fresh confidence that God is in, with, and driving what He's directed for release. This isn't whimsy or hubris. It's restoration. Stephen Watch the full replay, click here.

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