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The 3 things holding you back from a Quantum Leap

Do you WANT to know 3 things that are holding you back from making a Quantum Leap into a whole new walk? (Video replay links below.)


Here's the problem - Most of us are in this picture: Looking out and seeing the possibilities of the Kingdom of God breaking forward.

We see it but can't quite taste it, smell it, or fully engage in the process. We have a hunger for it but there's this barrier. Like a wall of glass.

Time for a quantum leap through that barrier.


Here are 3 ways / places that restrain us from a quantum leap into the MORE of Kingdom:

  • We get stuck in comfortable. Deut. 1 - you've been too long on this mountain. (vid 1 - 12 min)

  • We get stuck in miserable. John 5 - the paralytic at the pool. (vid 2 - 22 min)

  • We get stuck in demanding more detail. Deut. 1 - Let us go spy out the road we'll take. (Vid 3-19 min)

Most of us know this trap of comfort. At places / times, we're fat and happy and don't see the need to shift. God has encountered us in specific ways in the past and we think it's grand. We think it's enough.

We set structures in place to reinforce what happened. In time, the structure is all that remains and it traps us from making nto the leap.


We get stuck at miserable like the paralytic when our minds start spinning: 'This awful situation could be resolved if God would just....' (Fill in the blank.)

We certain we know the solution: God is simply not coming through.

But our God is unconventional. The paralytic knew the solution was to have someone get him into the pool in a timely manner. He was trying to get positioned to access that grace.

But New Grace was standing right in front of him with a simple question and a twinkle in his eye: 'Do you WANT to be healed?'


We get lost in the reflection of our own thoughts, plans and solutions and it keeps us stuck. We can't see the offer of the Quantum Leap right in front of us with a knowing smile and His hand held out.


What question is Jesus is asking you? (As He waits and watches your response.)

Will you see the New Grace to take you through a whole different process?

Perhaps He is asking, 'Do you WANT to hear my voice?'

Be honest. We all believe we say, 'Yes.' More often it's more like...

'Well, I want that but...'

...I don't think I can hear you because you really don't speak to me.

...I can't hear you because I'm really just not holy enough.

...I can't hear you because that's not my gift.

Or in abject candor...

I'm not really, really sure I want to hear you because you'll ask something of me I don't think I can surrender.'

Does John 5 show us the real paralyzed one? Is it us?


The video will cover barrier 3 and you'll see a walk out point for breakthrough.

Bottom line - we need to walk into specific agreement as to who we are - breaking free from limited perceptions on who we were.

Why do you need this kind of leap? Why would you want it?

Because you are far more dangerous than you could possibly imagine and you're needed for what God breaking into the earth. Some of us know how dangerous you are and we're calling that up.

True enough: Others know of this also but are determined to keep you mired in the old.

So Rise. Take up your mat. Walk.

Wake up. Break camp. Advance.

We're in a time of Quantum Leaps and such change is available for those who want what Jesus is offering.

What do you want?


Video replay is cut into 3 pars: vid 1 - 12 min; vid 2 - 22 min; Vid 3-19 min

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