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Wrestle and Prevail because there is joy in this month!

At the beginning of each New biblical month we get new insight from God's word on how to align in His time. (Details from The Deck - Video part 1 here. 12 min.)


And so, each month we get fresh weaponry to fight the fight of faith. God brings up promises to hold and strategiess to watch.

Welcome into this His 12th month - the month of Adar. 'When Adar comes, joy increases.'


God aligned the tribe of Naphtali with this month. So named because his mother Rachel had 'wrestled and prevailed.'

Prevailing is a key this month: If you wrestle KNOWING you'll prevail, it's a whole other ballgame. Start with that end in mind. (Part 2 Vid here. 30 min.)


Freedom, good news, great favor and a rich inheritance are all tied to this tribe. Lay hold of these with fresh confidence and anticipation.


8 of the 12 biblical references of this 12th month are found in the book of Esther so this is an important place to 'camp out' in this time. Read and 'soak' in this part of scripture.

Note that we're also in a '5' year (5775/2015) which is the Hebrew letter 'Hei' and in Esther (oddly enough) there are 4 key people whose names all begin with that so let's check them out and let the Spirit speak:

Hadassah. Hegai. Haman. Hathak

Hadassah is Esther's secret name: Her deep and hidden identity. So perhaps, like her, this is a time for deep identities to come front and center - to fulfill the purpose for which we were made.

Hadassah means 'myrtle tree.' The blossom releases a remarkable fragrance...but only when it is crushed.

Wrestling can do that to us but the fragrance prevails.

Hegai is the palace official in charge of the harem. (Esther 2) A very unexpected ally that God stationed 'behind enemy lines' to promote and support Esther.

Watch for unexpected favor from an unexpected source. Just when you thought you were forgotten or're not!


Haman deceives to try and destroy the people of God. Clearly that spirit is active and aggressive today....BUT GOD.

Divine reversal is tied to this month - the plans of Haman not simply stopped; they're reversed. Look for your active part to play.

Hathak is the faithful messenger in Esther 4. The go-between in the critical connection of Esther and Mordecai when the fate of a nation hung in the balance. Through him Esther is warned and then confronted. She risks it all for the Kingdom.

So what about the messages and warnings entrusted to you? Who or what may hang in the balance?

Hadassah. Hegai. Haman. Hathak. Keys to an important month that establishes divine government in the sphere. What about yours?

Break all this open in by walking in declaration and in communion. (See Vid part 3. 12 min.)

We align in His timing. We wrestle and prevail. Adar is here - let your joy increase.


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