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Aligning under a storm cloud: What's pulling on you?

There are 'plumb lines' over us. We get to choose under which one we align and we do this moment by moment.

One place of alignment is under the various threats and lies of the enemy; the other is under the promises and Covenant of God. One we fall into by accident; the other is by intent.


God showed me an interesting parable on how this works and the powers involved: Lightning strikes.

(You'll want to see the first vid on this here.19 min- which includes some slow motion video on lightning. Amazing.)

We all live in a highly charged atmosphere: Negative and positive intensity.

Some of it we create - some of it is simply set over us and we have to figure out whether it will 'zap' us or not.


Storm clouds house negatively and positively charged areas. The bottom carries the negative charge.

These send out 'step leaders.' They are like jagged probe lines that search for somewhere to get to the ground. Interestingly - they cannot get to the ground unless they find 'agreement' in the earth.

The negative force driving these probes into our atmosphere generates a 'charged field' and it triggers response (agreement) from the earth.

If there is material that resonates with the charge then that object or person literally releases a 'streamer.' That streamer wants to connect to the negative charge just as if it were reaching up to grab hold of it!


When the connection is made: BOOM!!!!! All the negative energy from the other probes gather and discharge at the point of that connected streamer.

Do you see the application?

Emotionally and spiritually, that negative charge is 'in the atmosphere' and it pulls on something within us. All of a sudden it connects and we feel the rush of emotion and BOOM!


At The Deck we looked into the stories of Esther and Mordecai, Deborah and Barak, and the 12 Disciples in Acts 3. (See Vid 2 - 32 min.)

Each of these dealt with powerful storm clouds. Each could have chosen to come into agreement with the negatively charged 'step leaders' and the result would have been a disastrous flow of that negatively charged power. BOOM!


But each stayed aligned under the Covenant and Promises of God and did not allow that negative force to discharge into them and their situation. Mordecai provides a specific example to shift the dynamic so it doesn't take him out.

The result was a completely different kind of lighting struck: A positive charge into Esther that later transfers into the king and against Haman.


The result? Divine reversal. The very threat and power that was against them now accelerates them above their enemies. This is key in this time - in this month.


  • Watch how we're agreeing with the negative charges in the atmosphere.

  • Ask the Lord to show you places where that can 'hook' into you and grab agreement.

  • Shift the atmosphere over you in worship, praise, and the declaration that God is faithful though all else appears absolutely nuts.

Divine reversals are in the works.


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