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Need rest? Celebrate God's divine reversals in your life

Last night at The Deck was a riot - in the best sense. So much laughter and fun....a celebration in exact sync with God's word in Esther 9. (Vid 1: 9 min.)

We're in a time to celebrate rest from your enemy - even though you may still feel directly under that attack. We celebrate that God's already worked that out and is working it out in time.

To celebrate is to act out 'the assurance of things hoped for.' A demonstration of faith.


You'll want to see/hear at least some of what went down last night. (Part 2 of the vid here - 34 min. funny!)

Sarah, Dimitric, Lora, Sherryl, Levi, Martha, Jackie, and Dave all had us in various states of laughter as they walked us through the Word. (Great job, you all! Thank you!)

This story is supposed to be read with joy but last night set some new levels. Amazing what can happen when you release the Word of God where no religious spirit can abide.

Laughter will do that. The Word rang out and penetrated in new ways.

We then looked at how this pattern of divine reversal is found repeatedly in scripture: Shadrack, Meshach, etc., Daniel, Jesus, and on and on. (See Vid 3 - 10 Min.)

It's such a clear and vibrant strategy of God: He allows the enemy to press and attack and so believe that he has won.

But God suddenly flips the whole thing over and the exact strategy that the enemy thought would be his victory becomes the means of his defeat.

Our God is a cunning warrior.

Look to find ways and times to enter into the joy of celebrating victory. Do it TODAY.

You may not feel it....yet. All the more important to do a victory dance NOW.

It's an act of faith: A prophetic act that represents what will happen. The One who is with you, is true.

Our celebration pleases God as it demonstrates our trust in His ability and His desire to pull us through to the other side.


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