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GET FREE! Pull down the stronghold that is killing you.

It was a real treat at the Deck last night to have Kim Johnson bring her years of experience and wisdom into the room. She knows personally and professionally just how destructive strongholds can be and how to deal with them. (Start vid 1 here. 15 min.)

Do you? Are you allowing this toxic structure to remain within you? Why?

I want you to scan down the images in this email as they contain a number of her points. But be CAUTIOUS.

Why? The enemy will NOT want you to do anything about this but to simply say something to yourself like this....

'Oh, yeah. I think I know that already.' Or,

'Oh, yeah. Good idea. I'll dig into that when I have time...later.'

Delay. Distract. Destroy. Standard enemy strategy.

Strongholds are, by their very nature, stunningly powerful and deeply hidden within us. They create a pattern of self-sabotage and destruction that are under a veneer of well-orchestrated justification and excuse.

They oppose the mind and will of God. They're dangerous.

Let God in on this. Let Him work with you for freedom.

This diagram was released to Kim some years ago. She's uses it to explain the process and structure of strongholds and it will give you a starting point.

Watch part 2 of the video here (Vid 2 - 18 min) to hear more of how this works. Print that graphic - save it to your pad - Do the work.

If you think none of this applies to you - think again and pray. (John 9:41 might apply.)

We have to shift how we pray. The new season that we're entering will require a greater level of wholeness and holiness.

Don't wait until the battle is in full boil to deal with your issues. Deal with them now so they don't take you out later.

Use the prayers above as a starting point. Get hold of the book that Kim recommended and work through it.

(Shattering Your Strongholds book. Amazon link to purchase right here.)

The way to bring down a stronghold is really not that complicated. (Part 3 vid here. 23 min.)

These things are, however, brilliantly camouflaged and remarkably resilient so you must be committed to get yours pulled down.

There's more freedom waiting for you and God wants that for you....It is for freedom that Christ has set you free. (Gal.5)

Fight for this so you can be more effective in the lives of those around you.

We're in this together as I am also fighting for the full pull-down. But it IS coming down!


Links again:

Vid 1 (15 min.) Vid 2. (18 min.) Vid 3.(23 min.)

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